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Made in France

With a soft and silky feel, the 100% recycled polyester linings help maintain the desired structure. Custom models are available on request.

Chargeurs PCC will help you select the optimum quality that will suit your needs. Chargeurs PCC is committed to quality and sustainability. Water consumption is reduced because we do not use no water in the manufacturing process.

We make it a point of honor to work on a short circuit. Our fibers come from Spain and the product is processed in France, in our Lainière de Picardie factory. We avoid the transport of goods as much as possible and promote local production.

We are thus reducing the carbon footprint of our end product and we are fighting to highlight French know-how.

  • Can be applied on clothing and bag
  • No minimum order
  • Sublimation printing technique

Made in Asia

Regeneration of synthetic fiber from used PET bottles.

Recycled Polyester

Hemp Sustainable Linings

Hemp Linings

Hemp linings has a soft and luxurious hand. Composed with Recycled polyester and DTM colors, this these products are one of the most sustainable lining options.

Cupro Sustainable Linings

No Waste
Made from unused cotton linter -
the short downy fiber that enfolds the cotton seed

It is made from 100% plant based fiber, leaving no residue upon disposal

Soft Handfeel
Cupro is often used as a vegan and dry-wash alternative to silk due to the smoothness and drapability

Avoid discomfort due to static adhesion

Fresh & Clean
Absorbs and releases moisture, reduce sultry feeling. Comfortable to wear all year round

Multi-Functional Anti-Bacterial Stretch Printable Lining

100% polyester 4-ways stretch lightweight circular knit
Comes in white, black, customisable DTM / digital print 
With fusible and non-fusible options
Excellent for external applications

Downproof Lining

Chargeurs PCC Down Proof lining is designed to prevent feathers and fiber from migrating outwards through shell fabric and seams. This product is soft and flexible enough to allow for natural movement and enhance the life and look of the garment.

Customisable Lining

We offer seversal options printable linings, sustainable and conventional options.
Made in France and Made in Asia.

Functional Lining

The Urban Linings is a series of polyester linings, slick and smooth. What makes the series so special is the ability to control temperature and keep foul smell away from your jacket. With stretch and non-stretch options for any jacket fashion. Our rich colour options will satisfy the needs of today’s fashion. Available in 150cm wide rolls.

Anti-bacterial Lining

Chargeurs PCC linings come with different functions. We have chemical-coated and silver-coated linings that gives our linings anti-bacterial property. Coatings can be applied on different products. Contact us to explore more options.

Conventional Lining

Other than linings with unique properties, Chargeurs PCC also offer conventional linings like Tefeta, Organza, Satin, Interlock, Twill.