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Lainière de Picardie

Lainière de Picardie, our historical French factory since 1872.

Two hours away from Paris, Lainière de Picardie produces a wide range of interlinings which are designed, knitted and coated under the supervision of our textile experts. We produce inner components for all European production, reducing the carbon footprint created by moving materials.

Lainière de Picardie professional gender equality index 2023 note: 82/100.
Compensation gap indicator: 37
Indicator for the difference in rates of individual increases: 25
Maternity leave return indicator: 15
Indicator top remunerations: 5

Warp Knit Weft Inserted: the best quality

Since 1950, Chargeurs PCC is the pionner in knitted interlining. Thanks to its 110 knitting weft insertion machines, our historic factory in North of France Lainiere de Picardie, created an extremely light knitted inner component that adapt perfectly to even the sheerest outer fabric in the market.

Superior quality with soft hand, this interlining possesses a notable resilience in weft direction and a high stability and control in warp direction. Knitted Chargeurs PCC bases adapted to market trends by providing new functions.

Innovative and Patented: GMP. The optimum adhesive solution.

Global Molecular Point (GMP) is a patented coating solution of Chargeurs PCC ensuring optimum adhesion to a wide range of application.

With a bonding strength capacity twice that of a classic coating, this technology optimizes the conditions for fixing the interlining to the fabric without passing through, thus it is a guarantee for no strike back.

GMP respects all clothes, adapts to treatments and guarantee an ideal stability of the garments over time.

Avoids strike back

Provides excellent bond strength

Preserves fabric flexibility

Useable for multiple applications

Save time

Less fabric loss

Elevate Your Garment Quality
with Chargeurs PCC

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