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Tear Away

Tear away backings are our established product range. They can be easily torn off just by hand.

EC Backing

Made from recycled fibers are a sensitive product alternative.


Needs to use scissors to cut out
More supportive to shell fabric
Cannot completely move out

Hot Melt

Use hand iron to move out
Suitable for non-wash program
Easy to remove and do not affect embroidery pattern

Water Soluble

Water soluble backings are designed for embroidery applications subjected to post-production garment washing. These backings are designed to dissolve in luke-warm water for clean embroidery results.

Can be removed completely during washing process
Widely used in denim

Pop Away

“Pop-Away” interlining is an easy to tear perforated nonwoven designed for clean embroidery applications, eliminating leftover residue commonly visible when lesser quality backings are used.

Embroidery Back Covering

Knit fusible interlining for embroidery application. Developed in conjunction with our key childrenswear customers, delivers exceptional performance and value.

Offering unsurpassed softness to protect a child’s delicate skin. Flexible application using various fusing equipment. With unparalleled performance offering superior stretch, bonds, durability and washability.

Chargeurs PCC OTB products are competitively priced, finished to 60”/152cm width for maximum production value.

Charguers PCC manufactures a wide range of embroidery backing products for both adult and childrenswear. Our products are Class 1 Oeko-tex certified for peace of mind, making them the ideal choice for infant and babies’ garments.

Chargeurs PCC’s embroidery solutions have been developed in response to market demand for easy to use products which will eliminate skin irritation caused by difficult to remove, lower quality backings. They are designed for flexibility in manufacturing, allowing vendors to use multi-layer applications for best results.