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Chargeurs PCC’s excellence in non-woven technology starts in 1972.

Its success in the garment industry happens thanks to: experienced personnel, ongoing investment in the latest dry processes and coating technologies, quality systems certification, global presence and high-quality advice. It is also its responsiveness and technical back-up for its customers meeting the requirements of the world market with flexible and fast response times, building on ongoing research and development and offering an extraordinarily wide range of products to suit different materials and fabric treatments that makes Chargeurs PCC leader in the market.

Chargeurs PCC's new collection of non-wovens offers unparalleled performance and comfort. The results are a high performance for the adhesion and durability. Our GMP coating improves soft and flexible performance for lightweight fabrics and a great support for the highest weights.

Three categories of products are present in this collection.


Made in Europe 
Coating made in Lainiere de Picardie - GMP coating available
Premium quality - High performance
Compliant with our Standard


High performance 

Compliant with our Standard


Good performance 

Compliant with our Standard

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