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Digital Initiatives

Fashion is getting increasingly more technical, and Chargeurs PCC is leading the way in the world of inner components.

CLO market place

The Modern Way to Reduce Waste In Design

We are the only inner component maker to partner with a 3D design software company to offer designers digital interlinings. These digital assets can:

· Speed time to market

· Reduce waste and resource usage

· Eliminate the need to create and ship as many physical samples.

Digital Showroom

In partnership with CLO Virtual Fashion, the leader in 3D garment visualization, Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies launched its own virtual showroom, presenting its range of digitized interlinings to fashion industry partners.

This interactive design method reduces the need for creating and shipping physical samples, eliminates fabric waste and considerably shortens product development cycles and time to market. For example, Hugo Boss is one of the iconic brands in the Chargeurs PCC customer portfolio that has switched to digital design for its products.

In light of the rapid change in design and communication methodologies, this showroom is without doubt an agent of progress for the fashion industry

DMIX - ColorDigital

Interaction and Standardization in the Digital Supply Chain

Chargeurs PCC has become a ColorDigital partner in 2022, providing customers access to its digitized products through the DMIx ecosystem - for more sustainable and cost-efficient fashion manufacturing.

  • Allows our customers access to our DMIx Cloud to download digitized assets in open 3D files for use in any software program.
  • Reduces the need for physical samples, as we can fuse our inner components with fabrics and digitize them
  • Creates predictive algorithms to help guide the selection process without making a single sample