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For more than a century, Lainière Paris has been a key player in the womenswear Haute Couture garment industry. And is a world leader in knitted interlining products.

Lainière Paris produces its innovative range of products from its historical factory Lainière de Picardie, which is rooted into the heart of its identity.


The brand has the capacity to offer new products based on permanent investment in technologies and processes, giving Lainière Paris a leading position in the interlining industry as well as a worldwide reputation.

Knitting, finishing, dyeing, coating, packaging, Lainière Paris is always at the cutting edge of the interlining industry. Committed to offer the highest level of quality and ethics, Lainière Paris is certified AFAQ ISO 9001, OEKO-TEX, SEDEX and Reach Compliance.



This is where everything started. A century-old facility, fully integrated, where all the articles of our range are manufactured.

Two hours away from Paris, Lainière de Picardie produces a wide range of interlinings which are designed, knitted and coated under the supervision of our textile and chemical experts.

Thanks to its renowned know-how and high technology, Lainière de Picardie ensures a permanent innovation capacity to meet the needs of our customers and address the ever-changing environment of the Fashion Industry.

LAINIERE DE PICARDIE BC, professional gender equality index 2020 note: 92/100
Compensation gap indicator: 33
Indicator for the difference in rates of individual increases: 35
Maternity leave return indicator: not calculable
Indicator top remunerations: 10


The fashion trend in women’s clothing is increasingly moving towards lighter and transparent fabric. Still those luxurious and lightweight fabrics need interlining to provide resistance to the production cycle, improve stability and extend the durability of the garment.

Chargeurs PCC has taken up the challenge of designing and manufacturing an almost invisible and imperceptible interlining to fit those fabrics.

Lainiere Paris Dreamlight collection is the thinnest knitted interlining in the world with 40 warp / inch, using the finest polyamide thread available on the market.


Chargeurs PCC offers a new range of textured and bi-stretch products. From design, through warping, to coating and final quality control, the whole item is manufactured in the French Peronne Factory.

With regards to their construction, finishing and coating, these articles are particularly suitable for light fabrics and give soft hand feel to the garment. Their softness guarantees to keep the natural hand feel of the fabric. Thanks to their specific construction, these products are suitable to aquawashing, a new regulation in some european countries which replace dry cleaning

Coated Polyamide for technical fabrics.

One of the latest innovations of Lainière Paris has been specifically designed to reinforce difficult fabrics. This thermo bonded interlining guarantees perfect adhesion, even on fabrics with waterproof / windproof membranes or polyurethane treatments.

These technical fabrics (waterproof or with membranes) are increasingly successful as they enhance the construction of garments that are well suited to our evolving lifestyle that blend urban life and sportswear.

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