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Introducing the Thermo+ new range High performing, this range of sustainable insulation retains loft, thermal retention and allows soft drape. We are proud to offer several options which address our drive from our customers towards sustainability.

Our product range is divided into distinct ranges.


Thindown + NATIVA™

Chargeurs PCC creates a new match offering a unique range of wadding with high performances. Thindown technology combined with NATIVA™ traceable wool is the first ever blend of wadding of its kind. Crafted in Italy, NATIVA™ wool allows the wadding to combine supreme performance like natural breathability and body temperature control, and sustainable characteristics such as ethical sourcing of the wool and the natural degradability of the product. Thindown + NATIVA™ collection means lightest and warmest wadding quality.

Polyester Wadding

The Insulating range is made from polyester. Our product range is divided into two distinct ranges. One made using 100% recycled fiber made from plastic bottles and the other with standard polyester. These products are the highest quality, using certified recycled fibers, providing high TOG thermal retention values, and soft hand for flexibility of use.


Introducing two new insulation blends using traceable, blockchain-backed NATIVA™ Wool. These blends create warm, washable insulation solutions that retain loft, control odors, provide natural thermoregulation, and are moisture resistant in addition to being sustainable. These high-quality products combine the best features of wool together with sustainable fibers to create insulation products that offer a soft hand for flexibility of use across multiple garment applications.

We offer a blend with 85% sustainable NATIVA™ wool and 15% environmentally friendly, plant-derived polylactic (PLA), which offers enhanced degradability.

We also offer a blend with 80% sustainable NATIVA™ wool and 20% durable, recycled polyester certified by GRS for traceability.

Anti-Migration Wadding

The anti-migration range is a technology using bioelastic Interlining with an anti-feather membrane to prevent feathers and fiber from migrating outwards through shell fabric and seams. All fabric is soft and flexible enough to allow for natural movement and enhance the life and look of the garment.

Our product range is divided into two distinct ranges: Made in Asia and Made in Europe.

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