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Performance - Fusion Line

Bonding Tape

High Performance Bonding Tapes provide superior stretch and recovery properties. They are designed for use in performance and intimate wear applications where high degree movement and extended wear comfort is required. They can be supplied in wide width or tape form.

Seam Sealing Tape

Seam Sealing Tapes are precision adhesive films applied to sewn seams of fabrics to increase water repellency where required. They are designed for ease of application on a wide variety of fabrics.

Overlay Films

Our Overlay Films are the perfect complement of performance and fashion. Designed for ease of application and customizable for use as laser cut logos or designs, cuff/collar/zipper trim, or over bonded seams to eliminate fraying. Decorative films available in a range of colors (DTM to pantone), tape widths (slit to size), and wide goods that can be cut to shape. The stretchable series provides high stretch and recovery with high wash results. Common applications are decorative overlays, exposed bonding tapes, and logo branding.


PowerStretch blends comfort and performance in one unique, innovative product. Allowing for maximum stretch and recovery while retaining a soft hand, available in wide width for contour designs and custom tape sizes to cater to a myriad of applications. PowerStretch is the solution for better fitting, more comfortable garments.


NS Gripper Tape replaces traditional silicon and reduces allergy concerns, redness, irritation, and sweating propensities. Gripper Tape can be shaped for proprietary design and contouring. This special film has high stretch and recovery, and high washability while maintaining a soft and luxurious hand. Common applications are for hemming, interlining, anti-slip, anti-roll, and logo branding. This product is available in tape width (slit to spec) and wide goods.


Elastics are constructed by braiding, weaving, or knitting yarn together with the exception for clear elastic. The construction method and yarn used for each type of elastic influences the intended use of the product.

Our range of elastics includes:

  • Knitted Elastics
  • Fusible Elastics
  • Sustainable 36O Elastics
  • Woven Exposed
  • Elastics- Jacquard, Print, Plush, Embossed
  • Braided Elastics
  • Gripper Elastics
  • Waistband Extension Elastics
  • TPU Clear Elastics


Shirring can be made by combining the application of perforated Chargeurs PCC Elastics and Precision Bonding Tapes.

Custom designs available and combination of different PBT and elastic options allow a huge range of elasticity and hand feel.

Can be applied anywhere stretch and recovery is desired where traditional ‘sewn in the round’ elastics and ribs are currently used. An appropriate film will be paired with each fabric to achieve desired performance of stretch and recovery. The film is cut to ladder pattern to achieve the desired end look.

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