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Knitted Elastics

Knitted elastic is made by knitting the fibers together and is often softer than braided or woven elastic. Because knitted elastics work well even when pierced by needles, they are good choices for sew-on applications. Soft, comfortable, and useful in a wide variety of applications, knitted elastics resist curling and will not narrow when stretched. Suitable for light to midweight fabrics.

Fusible Elastics

Fusible Elastic combine the benefits of stretch, recovery, comfort, and performance. Because of its extreme elasticity in warp and weft directions, Fusible Elastic is ideal for large and small part fusing of very elastic outer fabrics. Applications are limited only by your imagination; athleisure, activewear, sportswear, children’s wear, corporate uniform, pants, intimates, and more. Anywhere you need a perfect fit that stays in place and long-lasting comfort.

Sustainable Elastics

Sustainable 360TM represents our full-circle commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. We believe that getting to better products starts by caring about people. We may have the best technology, but we understand that humans are the most important part of our business, so we take great pride in treating our staff, clients and suppliers ethically. Doing right by humans also means doing right by the world. We are constantly reducing our carbon footprint and reducing waste. We operate by the highest environmental standards in all our territories.

Woven Exposed Elastics

Sometimes referred to as non-roll elastic, woven elastic is usually the firmest of the four basic elastic types. Woven elastics retain width as they are stretched and are suitable for sew-on applications and for use in casings. Woven elastics are also suitable for heavier fabrics because they tend to be firm. We offer the following types:

Braided Elastics

Braided elastic can be identified by its parallel ridges that run lengthwise. The ridges make it have more “grip” but they also mean that braided elastic tends to narrow as it is stretched. Braided elastics are lightweight and thinner than knitted and woven elastics. Braided elastic is typically recommended for use in casings, not for sewing directly to fabric. Great for sleeves, necklines, jacket hems, or other areas where rolling is not an issue.

Gripper Elastics

Silicone-backed elastics, also known as gripper elastics, are perfect for any non-slip elastic needs. They are multi-use products that can be used to prevent slipping and to hold things down or up. Perfect for lingerie, open-leg tights, bike shorts and shirts, gymwear, and inside of trouser waistbands to keep shirts from coming untucked.

Waistband Extension

Waistband extension elastics are produced with buttonholes spaced evenly down their center. They are used in applications where adjustments are required for comfort and ease. Excellent for men’s big & tall, women’s extended sizes, maternity, to accommodate for growth as children age, or for use in rental garments or uniforms. Completely hidden on the inside of the pant, Waistband Extension Elastics make clothing more customizable, comfortable, and functional.

TPU Clear Elastic Tape

EL-Tape is made of high-grade material (pure TPU - Thermoplastic Polyurethane) to ensure very high standard of elasticity and long durability, along with maximum safety for health.

The elastic property of the EL-Tape more importantly provides the power for the fabric to fully recover and maintain its original shape. Instance when EL-Tape is incorporated into a neckline, the user would not have to worry about sagging.

Elastics are constructed by braiding, weaving, or knitting yarn together (with the exception is clear elastic). The construction method and yarn used for each type of elastic influences the intended use of the product. Our range of elastics includes:

Knitted Elastic

Fusible Elastic

Sustainable 360 Elastic

Woven exposed - Jacquard Elastic

Woven exposed - Print Elastic

Woven exposed - Plush Elastic

Woven exposed - Embossed Elastic

Braided Elastic

Gripper Elastic

Waistband Extension Elastic

TPU Clear Elastic