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Thindown is the world’s first real down fabric, the lightest and warmest available fabric. Its disruptive technology has revolutionized the use of down. All the natural benefits of real down: lightness, warmth, breathability, wicking, delivered in the shape of a fabric that can be cut and sewn like any other fabric. A real innovation, internationally patented and 100% Made in Italy.

  • Down is the best thermal insulation available.
  • Down cluster is the most precious part of down.
  • The unique architecture of the down cluster creates the “loft” that traps air.
  • Down keeps the body heat and wicks away the moisture.
  • The main feature of down is it is breathable and maintains ideal body temperature.

Real down fabric advantages

  • Natural - sustainable by nature, non polluting.
  • Certified - clean, responsible, traceable.
  • Warmer - the warmest fabric, breathable .
  • Thinner  - warmth without bulk, no seepage.
  • Faster - any factory + faster production.
  • Flexible - any design, garment, accessory,ready for stitching, quilting.
  • Easier care  - water wash or dry clean.
  • Safe - sterilized, non toxic.

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