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Chargeurs PCC has a long history and expertise in shirts through its historic brand DHJ. Since 1945, DHJ designs shirt interlinings from standard single layer non-fusible cotton to complex poly cotton constructions, for the most renown Fashion brands through its worldwide network.

ALUMO has been leading the
way in cotton weaving and shirting fabric production for more than a century. What started as a small, family-owned company has flourished to become a key partner to renowned tailors and clothing brands the world over – always in the same Swiss quality on which ALUMO built its reputation.

Since 1881, BRENNET has been producing high-quality functional apparel fabrics in Switzerland, with innovative additional features that bring real added value to its customers.
BRENNET's expertise is based on a long-standing tradition, a flair for fashion and a desire to provide sustainable solutions, always setting new standards.

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