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About Chargeurs Group

With a presence in 90 countries, Chargeurs is an iconic champion in the four cutting-edge markets in which it operates and prosper. Its 3 business lines capture outstanding expertise, the power of innovation, high technical skills, performance and sustainable development.

Chargeurs’ industrial and forward-looking culture traces back to the Group’s roots. Present in everyone’s daily lives, Chargeurs products are meeting standards of excellence while facing up to environmental and societal challenges.

Whether used in textiles object protection, visual communication or spatial planning, the solutions provided by Chargeurs are means of delivering comfort and well-being.

Chargeurs, an iconic and global Champion

Chargeurs PCC,
the soul of any garment

Chargeurs PCC is the global leader in interlinings and inner components for the fashion and luxury goods industries, providing comprehensive solutions to the world's best brands. Though invisible to the eye, interlinings are technical fabrics that are essential for structure, durability, and longevity of garments. 

A true global company, we have eight factories and more than thirty offices and distribution hubs around the world. This allows us to service more than ninety countries across every major continent. Having offices in multiple time zones means that we are always available, which is why we are trusted by over 1600 brands and 7000 customers. 

Our factories also serve as innovation labs, developing solutions for complex problems and ground-breaking new products. Our clients are ambitious and innovative, and we want to help them achieve even more. We are always pushing our products forward to meet the changing needs of the industry. Our global network allows us to work in partnership with our clients to test, learn and develop the best unique solutions for them. 

Over the decades we have earned our strong reputation for personalized service, technical knowledge, and top-quality products.

Lainière de Picardie, our historical french factory since 1972.


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Innovation Studios
France, Italy, USA, Portugal
Manufacturing facilities
France, China(2), Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Brazil
Subsidiaries and sales offices
France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands (Benelux), Romania (East Europe), Germany (DACH), Czech Republic, Slovenia, Albania, Turkey, Tunisia (Maghreb), Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, India, USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala, Baltic Countries, Nordic Countries, South East Europe, Africa, Middle East, Sud America
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