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The Interlining Effect: Choosing the right interlining - Exploring the Range

The Interlining Effect: Choosing the right interlining - Exploring the Range

Selecting the right interlining is a crucial step in garment construction, impacting everything from the drape and fit to the overall longevity of the piece. At Chargeurs PCC, we offer an extensive range of interlinings designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Whether you're creating a high-fashion jacket, a lightweight blouse, or a durable uniform, our collections provide the perfect solutions to enhance your designs. Join us as we explore the various collections of Chargeurs PCC and guide you through the process of choosing the right interlining for your project.

Understanding the Importance of Interlining

Interlining serves as the backbone of many garments, providing structure, shape, and stability. It is often hidden between the outer fabric and the lining, yet its presence is felt in the performance and appearance of the finished garment. The right interlining can enhance the quality, comfort, and durability of your designs, making it a critical choice for fashion designers, tailors, and manufacturers. It is the soul of the garment. 

Chargeurs PCC Collections: Solutions for Every Need

Chargeurs PCC offers a diverse range of interlining collections, each tailored to specific applications and fabric types. Our commitment to innovation and quality ensures that every collection meets the highest standards. Here’s a look at our collections and their unique attributes:


Lainière Paris: Underlining Elegance

    For over a century, Lainière Paris has been a key player in the luxury garment industry, producing innovative interlinings from our historic factory, Lainière de Picardie. This collection is designed to meet the highest standards of elegance and performance.


    • Dreamlight: The finest weft-inserted interlining in the world, made with very thin yarn and a special gauge. These articles structure very fine fabrics while remaining invisible, featuring a 40 gauge and ranging from 8 to 15 microns.
    • Soft-in: Offers unparalleled softness and flexibility to garments, thanks to its unique weave.
    • Polyamide Coating: Lainière Paris interlinings feature a versatile polyamide coating that is efficient and resistant to various household care processes, ensuring longevity and durability.

    Tisséless: Unparalleled Performance and Comfort

      Chargeurs PCC’s excellence in non-woven technology started in 1972. Our Tisséless collection offers unmatched performance, comfort, and durability, with high-performance adhesion and GMP coating.

      • Gold: Perfect to reinforce clothes that do not require dry cleaning.
      • Platinum: Guarantees resistance to post-dyeing and to dry cleaning.
      • Diamond: Includes our GMP technology, offering very safe performance from application to the garment's durability.

       Sustainable 360: Full-Circle Commitment

        Sustainability is at the heart of our operations. The Sustainable 360 collection reflects our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and waste while adhering to the highest environmental standards.

        • Raw Materials: Creating a positive impact with less water, fewer insecticides, more bio-based and recycled ingredients.


         Zero Water: Innovation in Sustainability

          The Zero Water collection features the world’s first ultralight sustainable knitted interlinings, dyed without water, and available in a rainbow of colors.

          • Key Features: 2.6 liters of water saved on average per linear meter, washable up to 40°C, available in 15 colors, improved adhesion and flexibility, quick delivery, and low MOQ.

           Bertero: The Soul of the Jacket

            Established in 1907 in Vinovo, Italy, Bertero has been a reference in canvas production for over a century. Known for its excellence, Bertero provides suiting components for the world’s most discerning brands.

            • Key Features: Tailor-made service, wide product range, horsehair in tailored products, pre-made full canvas service.

             DHJ: At the Core of Every Quality Shirt

              Since 1945, DHJ has been a renowned manufacturer of shirt interlinings. From standard single-layer non-fusible cotton to complex poly-cotton constructions, DHJ leads in shirt interlining technology.

              • Key Features: Dye cutting collection, adaptable bases in cotton and stretch fibers, customized tests, BCI Cotton certified.


              Thermo+: Commitment to Performance and Innovation through Sustainability and Responsibility

                Thermo+ offers sustainable insulation with high performance, retaining loft and thermal retention while allowing a soft drape.


                • Key Features: NATIVA™ wool blends, warm and washable insulation, natural thermoregulation, odor control, moisture resistance, soft wool hand.
                • Thindown + Nativa: The world’s first real down fabric, combined with NATIVA™ wool for superior warmth and environmental friendliness.

                 The Fusion Line: Where Performance Meets Comfort

                  The Fusion Line introduces high-tech performance materials to suits and dresses, blending traditional aesthetics with unprecedented comfort.

                  • Key Features: Over 100 unique interlining and specialty products, performance films and elastics, superior bonding for stretchability and recovery, cutting-edge non-woven stretch design.

                  Collaborations: Innovating for the Future

                  Chargeurs PCC also collaborates with brands to push the boundaries of innovation:

                  • NATIVA™ Wool: Fully traceable premium wool fiber from Chargeurs Luxury Materials, leading in social, animal, and environmental responsibility.
                  • Thindown: The world’s first real down fabric, Made in Italy and globally patented by Nipi.

                  Enhancing Your Creations with Chargeurs PCC

                  Choosing the right interlining is essential to achieving the desired look, feel, and performance of your garments. With Chargeurs PCC’s extensive range of collections, you have access to high-quality interlinings that cater to every need. Whether you prioritize sustainability, performance, or innovation, our products ensure that your designs stand out and stand the test of time. Explore our collections and discover how Chargeurs PCC can elevate your creations.

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