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Performance Tailoring

Comfort Collar

Comfort Collar allows for comfort on the collarband with any shirting that has stretch properties. Two-way stretch interlinings add comfort to collars in performance shirting. Comfort Collar two-way stretch interlinings are available in a variety of qualities so you can dial in hand feel and weights.

Lightweight Washable Shoulder Pads

Lightweight washable shoulder pads allow for durability, stretch, and movement in jackets that may get machine washed.

Lightweight Top-Twill Interlining

Our Lightweight Top-Twill Interlining is great for washable jackets, though fine for dry cleaning as well. This fusible interlining smooths out creases of jackets when folder or packed. Easy maintenance for any corporate employee.

Lightweight Washable Canvas

With our Lightweight Washable Canvas, you can maintain a clean, tailored look even in an unstructured jacket or a jacket with stretch fabric. Our Lightweight Washable Canvas provides form to a jacket while remaining lightweight and washable for today's knit suiting styles that allow for comfort and range of motion.