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Performance Interlining

Low-Melt Stretch Interlining

Our fusible interlinings were developed to provide needed support and stability to garments and accessories whose delicate nature and appearance may suffer if exposed to the high temperatures and pressures of normal fusing conditions. With a focus on ease of application, these products have been designed to be fused with a hand iron at low temperatures. Recommended for use on leather, suede, delicate or embellished fabrics.

Comfort Stretch Nonwoven

Evolving fashion trends reflect a move toward stretch and comfort in all garment categories. Our Comfort Stretch Nonwoven interlining collection offers unparalleled stretch, performance, and comfort for today’s garments. This cutting-edge interlining conforms to the movement of the outer stretch fabric and provides optimum stretch, recovery, and comfort for the wearer.

High-Wash PX

Our 100% polyester Washable High Stretch Interlining is made specifically for denim and heavy wash apparel. Washable High Stretch Interlining provides dynamic stretchability in all directions without distortion, high compatibility with elastane blend fabrics, and anti-pilling qualities. This product retains its properties to perfectly support fabric even through heavy wash, bleaching, and/or garment dyeing.

High Stretch Interlining

These unique high-stretch textured woven interlining styles provide enhanced elasticity and support for athleisure and lifestyle fashion garments.

Designed to move in conjunction with today's high-performance fabrics, these fusibles provide needed support while retaining a soft hand. They also provide excellent drape while providing great range of motion and freedom of movement.

Our high-stretch interlinings stretch in all directions with minimal distortion and maximum recovery and can be used in a great variety of applications.

Specialty Web

Our Specialty Webs act as targeted anchors for directly applied notions onto sweater knits. Reinforces stitching and prohibits drooping.